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Resultados encontrados:

iPerform case-insensitive matching
gPerform a global match (find all matches rather than stopping after the first match)
mPerform multiline matching
iIgnore Case, case insensitive
uCauses pattern strings to be treated as UTF-8
UReverses the greediness of the subpattern; * and + now match as little as possible, instead of as much as possible
mMake caret (^) match after, and dollar sign ($) match before, internal newlines (\n).
sMake period (.) match any character, including newline (\n).
SCauses the expression parser to more carefully examine the structure of the pattern, so it may run slightly faster the next time (such as in a loop)
xRemove whitespace and comments from the pattern.
XCauses a backslash followed by a character with no special meaning to emit an error
ACauses the beginning of the string to be anchored as if the first character of the pattern were ^
DCauses the $ character to match only at the end of a line